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Our Service Terms

At Windy Hill Kennels / Windigen Hugel in Pulaski, Tennessee, we want to make sure that you are properly guided. Do take the time to review our warranty for reference. Click the link below to download the file.


A ____________ Deposit is required in order to reserve a puppy. No Refunds – NO EXCEPTIONS. All puppies must be paid in full by 8 weeks of age. If payments are not paid in full the seller reserves the right to relist the puppy for sale and the received deposit is forfeited. The exceptions as stated; injury or death, of the chosen puppy prior to pick up/delivery deposits are transferable to another available puppy. Windy Hill Kennels reserves the right of first pick puppy from any litter. We offer a 24 hr. Grace period for extenuating circumstances as deemed by the breeder. There is a restocking fee of 25 % of the purchase price as deemed by the breeder.

We accept deposits in the form of Wire Transfer, Personal check, Certified check, Money Order, or PayPal provided they have ample time to clear your financial institution prior to picking up your puppy. There is a 5% processing fee if the buyer is using PayPal. The processing fee covers any expenses regarding PayPal. If there is not sufficient time to clear the financial institution, we will hold AKC Registration papers for a period of 10 days.

We have a policy that states a HOLD= awaiting a deposit, RESERVE= deposit is placed, SOLD= puppy is unavailable. Final Payment is due upon pickup (minus the deposit). We have a hold of no later than 5 days; if no deposit is received the puppy is relisted for sale as deemed by the seller. We offer registrations as this; Limited= means the dog can be registered with AKC, but litters produced by the dog are not eligible for AKC registration. Full= means the dog can be registered with AKC as well as ALL future litters produced by the dog are eligible for AKC registration.

Shipping costs are not included in the cost of the puppy and are calculated separately. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. If shipping arrangements are not satisfied upon agreed dates, the puppy will be considered abandoned. Seller reserves the right to re-sell the puppy and any remaining balance received will be forfeited as liquidated damages as deemed necessary by the seller. We may board the puppy up to 2 days at no charge. We charge a boarding fee of $10.00 each day after 2nd day. No Refunds will be given for any reason. This rule will not apply if you are on a trainer’s waiting list.

We guarantee the German Shepherd puppy will be dewormed and vaccinated accordingly, to be in good health. We guarantee the puppy to be free from Hepatitis, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Coronavirus at the time of purchase and for 5 days thereafter. We require the buyer, within 48 hours, to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian at their own expense. Any claims need to be verified by written statement from the veterinarian. If the buyer chooses to take possession of said dog before seller deems the dog to be emotionally and physically ready, then the health guarantee becomes NULL and VOID. We cover Genetic Defects only.

We guarantee the German Shepherd puppy to be free of Genetic Hip Dysplasia. OFA Ratings are as followed; Excellent, Good, and Fair. Take Notice: Dysplasia will be present in both hips not one. We do not cover Subluxation or Unilateral H/D (present in one hip only); as may be the result of improper nutrition, poor environment, or injury. The hips must be x-rayed in proper form for OFA evaluations by a licensed or certified orthopedic veterinarian no later than 24 months. The buyer then must submit the x-ray within 30 days to the OFA in order for the warranty to be valid. OFA gives a result within 30 days or less. If any OFA results are listed as follows; Borderline, Mild, Moderate or Severe then the buyer has the option to receive a replacement puppy. No Refunds, No Exception.

The replacement will be only given if this criterion is met; Proof of Sterilization of Dysplastic puppy, all AKC paperwork must be signed and transferred back to the seller prior to receiving the new puppy. We do not require the return of the Dysplastic puppy because we know it has become a valued member of your household. The replacement puppy will be equal to the value of original price paid on warranty only. Seller will select the replacement puppy for the buyer. If buyer wishes to select a puppy other than what the seller offers, there may be a price difference. The buyer will be responsible for the price difference. We offer No Refunds on Hip Dysplasia only a replacement puppy. The warranty is NON-Transferable. We Do Not guarantee a replacement puppy. 

If the puppy has been altered in any way before OFA results are finalized this warranty is Null and Void. If the puppy has been bred before OFA results are finalized this warranty is Null and Void. This warranty does not cover temperament, color, conformation, and reproduction ability in either sex. If the buyer falsifies any documents to the seller, the seller deems the warranty to be Null and Void.

The buyer agrees to release the seller of any and all liabilities of the sale, raising, and training of the said puppy. The buyer accepts the responsibility of the training, care and socialization of the said puppy. We recommend several trainers for different types of training. The buyer can request the seller to set up a training program with one of the recommended trainers. The buyer then must complete a training release form for the seller to be released of any damage the German Shepherd Dog may have in the trainer`s care. The trainer must also sign the release form to acknowledge responsibility of the said German Shepherd Dog. The buyer agrees to give the seller first right to refusal in the event the buyer can no longer care for the puppy. The buyer accepts the seller is under no obligation to refund any of the purchase price.

The buyer agrees to accept said puppy`s name must include Vom Windigen Hugel on any and all clubs, registries, and memberships of any kind. If the buyer registers the puppy with AKC and chooses to alter or void our kennel name, the buyer accepts that the warranty will be Null and Void.

This contract is non-transferable and applies to original buyer only.

Any Disputes arising under this contract are subject to the laws and statutes in the State of TENNESSEE to be settled by the appropriate courts.

This Contract is made binding upon both parties.

This Sale being complete and final.

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