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The Right Dog Breeder

At Windy Hill Kennels / Windigen Hugel, we make sure to produce the best canines that will provide you with the protection, warm company, and help that you need. Learn what our customers have to say about us. Feel free to read reviews and testimonials from our customers in Pulaski, Tennessee and other areas.


Rated 5 Stars

February 28

I got my family dog in early 2009 to look after my family while I was deployed. He is extremely friendly to all kids, smaller animals, and family friends. On two occasions in one week he literally stopped a burglary at my home, and on a third occasion he was injured after intercepting a pit bull going after my daughter when I couldn't reach her in time, then went right back to being a teddy bear. I'm moving to a bigger place in May and will be getting another for sure.

- Stelio Kontos, Customer

Rated 5 Stars

April 8

I've had several dogs from Debby and Gus. Best dogs I've ever owned and Debby and Gus are the salt of the Earth. They take pride in their dogs and are very professional. When I'm ready for another puppy, I won't hesitate to contact them.

- Joan Keller, Customer

Rated 5 Stars

March 13

I received my GSD 8 years ago when he was 8 weeks old from Windy Hills. He is the smartest dog I have ever owned or been around and I own a dog grooming salon. He is loyal, beautiful and I never lock my doors. However, be prepared to go through hell while they are puppies. Working dogs of his caliber and drive need formal training and a job to do. Do your homework and make sure that this is the type of dog that you want.

His hips are excellent. My profile picture is of him. And I’m sure they have dogs with less drive available, I wanted exactly what I got. Thank you for the love of my life- WINDY HILLS KENNEL

- Christy Lynn, Customer

Rated 5 Stars

July 22, 2015

We got a male German Shepherd 6 years ago. He is in perfect health, no signs of hip problems per the vet. Well behaved, beautiful markings, and great blood lines! People compliment him everywhere we go! We are now waiting for the pups to be born and hopefully get him a sibling. :)

- Drew N Jillian Morgan, Customer

Rated 5 Stars

March 23

We got our GSD, Sierra, from Windy Hill Kennels in 2004. She was a beautiful, well-behaved dog...will definitely get another one soon. Can't wait.

- Mike Veloz, Customer

Rated 5 Stars

April 12, 2015

Recently purchased a black female from this kennel. I can’t explain how happy i am with her...potty trained...leash trained...heels...sits...without me really teaching anything. I can’t believe the intelligence. I will definitely be coming back for another girl! I have literally had people knocking on my door asking about her! She is that wonderful! Thank you!

- Brandon Castle, Customer

Rated 5 Stars

December 7, 2015

We have a female GSD from Debra. Nettie will be 13 in January! She is very happy and healthy. Highly recommend this kennel!

- Nola Smith, Customer

Rated 5 Stars

August 8, 2015

We're crazy about our puppy. He's over four months now. German shepherd lovers are in awe about how gorgeous he is.

- Elodie Goirand, Customer

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