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Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to our website. We are a licensed, AKC-inspected kennel. We are professionals and one of the most experienced German Shepherd breeders in Tennessee as we have owned and worked with these canines for most of our life.

To us, there is no other breed of dog. German Shepherds are highly intelligent, naturally protective, and their loyalty is unsurpassed .Our goal is to breed intelligent and healthy puppies with a solid temperament that can play with your children, welcome your guests, and be protective when necessary.

Our German Shepherds

We have imported some of Germany's Top Show & Working bloodlines to build a strong foundation to produce puppies anyone would be proud to own. We know our bloodlines and what they produce in their puppies. German Shepherds are a working dog first and foremost, and training is a must to live in harmony with this very intelligent dog. We strive to match the puppies' temperament and drive with the type of home they are suited for, ensuring a lifetime home for each of our puppies. 

Why Choose Us?

We have worked very hard to achieve and maintain a good honest reputation. We have carefully selected which bloodlines to keep in our breeding program to produce the quality traits we are looking for in our puppies. We breed for a healthy, intelligent, sound & balanced puppy with good protective instincts, willingness to please, easy to train that will protect and love you and your family for many, many years to come.  

Our objective is to be able to provide you with puppies that are smart, perceptive, and capable of protecting you and your family.

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